Rick’s Spirit visits me

I have a history of Spirits ,When I was a young girl while in my bed I saw ghost of my Nan after she died.

As a teenager I always felt someone was in my bedroom with me ,It was Grandad watching over me I think becouse I was going through hard time.

In Grandad s flat in Hampshire me and Marion ( mum’s best friend ,felt every thing go freezing cold ,this was Mary nans. Sister.

When Marion passed away she sent messages for my mum to me to pass to her.

And other things I get only good spirits which is a relief. But since my favorite Rock star passed I’ve had him visit me , we have a connection ,I used to give him gifts .

Most recently it has been my birthday ,last night he turned up in my dream ,he wished me a happy birthday and gave me a kiss and a hug . It was lovley ,I told Rick I had met Francis recently, He was wearing one of his white look54 tshirts was just so nice ,after this dream I woke up warm and red-faced but. Very happy.

Spirits of passed loved ones and ancestors do visit us in dreams it’s one of the mericals of the unexplained afterlife and spiritual world ,it is also a positive becouse you know that your loved one is happy.

I know some of you who read this will be none believers and just wash it off as some fantasy dream. I can tell you it is not as I don’t have many fantasy dreams ,they eather don’t make any sense or are dream with meaning ,or something of the future of visit from spirits.

Like a dream I had couple of months back it’s only a minor one this but made sense , I saw inside a church and a humming bird , next day mum mentioned a humming bird and the church was on Endeavour episode. It really can be a minor as that or full blown like future places I’ve seen on vists in North Wales and the changes to Sale town center .

Sale Town center was a reccuring dream which has now stopped becouse the changes I saw , the dreams were over a couple of years ,they have stopped becouse Sale town is now charging like it showed in the dream. I have a very open mind and believe in spirit ghosts predictions aliens the lot becouse the unexplained is in our world with us and in us.

The day I met Francis Rossi 2/09/21

Anyone who knows me ,knows my favorite band of all time is Status Quo .

As a child during 80s and 90s Ricky and Francis were always on tv ,loved there funny interviews,and music.

In 2010 I met Rick Parfitt he was crossing the road in Manchester , everything was a bit of a flash I was so overwhelmed and starstruck.got the photo on my wall of us.

2021 I finally got to meet Francis Rossi , I honestly was a bag of nerves and had adrenaline flowing , but he to me “it’s alright my lovley”

I gave him the gift of a art work of himself in the 80s , he signed one of my art works for me he said he remember the event and kept the jacket.

He also said that I’m beautiful , lovley and delicious ,the biggest complement a man has ever given me , so I’m extremely flattered by it.

At the end I said I
“It was a pleasure to meet you ,your in my favorite rock band thankyou”…..and I think I was bowing to him …don’t know why natural reaction to lead singer of fav rock band I guess haha!!!

So at the end of this I had to have a stiff drink which for a lady like me is a southern comfort and lemonade. That charmed my nerves .

So glad I finally got to meet the great Francis Rossi in person one of best quo days of my life ,it’s up there with meeting Rick and being front of Rick at the stage .

Lost Soul wondering aimlessly

I was told by the spirits he was the one , in 2016 they kept telling me he is your soulmate.

I tried to ignore them because I didn’t want to get hurt or rejected.But I felt A special chemistry bound with him , he the only who has ever looked at me in a special way and shown interest.

Yet he rejects me πŸ’”πŸ’” I’m so confused ,I remember all the little things the signs, the time he saw me with a new hair cut his jaw dropped and he stuttered , Flower emojis he sent …he even sent flirty texts.

He held my hand in a special way when we had a deep talk together ,he removed my bag strap when it got stuck on a chair. He kept the paintings I made him ,he checked out my bum at the pub πŸ˜„.

But yet with out chemistry and me finding myself when I found him , my empty soul feeling warm and complete….he rejects me???

In 2016 I did my very very best to ignore the spirits as I didn’t want rejection and heart brake but they just wouldn’t have it….think one is my grandad and the other Rick Parfitt (spirit bit later not 2016 .2019 -now…..repenting I think ?

I have so much special little memory’s of him that matter so much he is the love of my life ,I try looking at other men but they are not him…he is so important I’ll never meet another perfect guy like him he is my soulmate ,If I can’t be with him I will love him still but I will die a virgin lonely with a dog coz he is the one.

I love our banter ,I miss our banter ,I love him calling me nicknames like misses and joking and flirting with me ,I love his hugs his personality his charm good looks ….love hurts ..

Iam now a soul wondering aimlessly confused and lost ,I will never love again no one can be him…from now on only lust and pureity….with me most likely pureity no one wants me πŸ“ΏπŸ™ I will never get over him just always love him even when iam a old lonely lady with my faithful dog…that’s how I see my future …when my parents sadly pass in years ….I will have just me and a dog …..πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’” .

You wonder about rejection , My life has been rejection it effects you emotionally , rejection is what I’ve had my whole life asking people out trying to make friends ect.All the time I end up lonely and feel scared of groups incase I’m judged…it’s not easy you also have no support just family support…..but when your family goes…. there is just you……this is one reason I wanted me right out of many….now what???2πŸ˜­πŸ’”

I’m a lonely soul wondering aimlessly confused ……….

Why Do people feel the need to be Nasty to total strangers.??

For many many years online on chatrooms , news posts Facebook and Twitter ,we have all tried to express our options on things .

Sadly bullys don’t like other people’s options and start being nasty. It’s awful I can’t understand why total strangers feel the need to be Nasty to someone. Just because they don’t have the same option.

They pick on spelling mistakes ( don’t worry no one’s a perfect speller Iam dreadful).They pick on your looks ,you could be stunning , but because they don’t except your option they say your ugly….childish I know!!

Evil bullys online who are nasty just because you don’t share their options are not worth it. I just block and report them , Don’t even reply to their comments because that’s what they want.

I’m 37 I’ve been bullied pretty much my whole life ,but I have now reached that stage of my life where I think…Yawn same typical bully comments how boring are THEY..yawn got better things going on in my life then worrying what these twits say.

It’s True they ALL use the same insults bullys are boring and predictable and not worth getting upset about , any nice carding person is better then a evil nasty person.

If any of my readers do have these issues on Facebook ,Twitter ect , just block them Don’t even reply to them also report them ,it’s the best thing to do they are not worth it.

Why are People nasty to complete strangers…..Sadly I cannot answer that ,but we are all allowed to express our options on news ect ,we don’t need some idiot making nasty comment because they disagree ,Real Adults would just try and agree to disagree and not be childish.

Why social distence can’t last forever.

Put it this way , if social distence goes on any more years we will all go insane and be sex starved Hungary horny mad people.

We are only humans we need to hold hands , hug friends and family comfort the people we love.

We need sex and foreplay ,social distence can go on for years and years it will drive us mad.

Not being physical or being able to playfully flirt with the person your in love with is like being put in a cage.

Things we need back:

Holding hands

Hugs and kisses



Oral sex


that’s why social distenceing can’t last forever , I need all of that ,you need all of that We need all of that , hopefully face masks will go and distenceing will go and life will return to normal.

High Street After Covid 19

Today I went to my local town Sale Manchester ,for my eye test.

To my disappointment PoundLand had closed one of my favourite places to shop in Sale.

Also looking around I noticed Empty Shops that had completely shut down to never open again.

Covid has distroyed the British High Street and it’s very upsetting.

Us British we like our poundshops our bargain shops .

The high street is now a ghost Town that needs to be rebuilt as it is a important part of people’s life’s .

Also the British culture our high streets are where life happens , people socialise.

I ask for my Poundland back and for our highstreet to be brought back to life , lets hope after covid that they do not stay as ghost towns, we need our high streets.

Richie Sambora Saved my life

During College in the 00s when I was aged 16-23 ( through college years , I had trouble fitting in .
But my happyness was 80s classic Rock .
I was a total Rock chick back then I loved Richie Sambora and on Jovi and Alice Cooper.
Last Night I was watching NOW 80S they were having a rock night .
I felt nostalgic as they showed the band’s I liked , it brought back the happyness I felt when listing to these bands in my younger years .
I’am now 37 back then I was a huge fan of Richie Sambora .
I think even had him on my msn messager ( I hope it was him) I think it was as when he spoke about music he was very passionate about it. Richie is that .
I think it helped having my favourite guitarist musician wanting to talk to me , also mad me happy.
Never Underestimate Richie Sambora he is a very talented musician .
Stranger in This Town is one of my most favourite albums , It is  so blues and rock and dark to , brilliant amazing album and great lyrics.
I often fantasied about being a groupie around these handsome long haired talented rockers during the 80s .That would of been cool …but I was born in 1983.
Through the sadness of finding it hard to make friends during college .
This light of happyness that is classic rock helped me.
Thank you Richie Sambora you saved me β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
Thank you Bon Jovi you helped me β™₯️β™₯️

Don’t judge ALL MEN , Women are evil to.

YES I’am a woman writing this ,and before you pounce on me for standing up for men , let me tell you my stories.
College in my 20s on period man dragged me to park to try have sex with me , when I did not want to.
Mid 20s African girl and her group of friends threaten to kill me just coz they didn’t like me.
30s bus stopped at wrong stop Asian men in groups hooted at me like sum sex object.

Ok with that out the way,Not all men are bad yes you get bad ones but that is life , you get bad women to , in that we are equal.
The woman in the photo she is Joanna Christine Dennehy a woman serial killer from The UK , she killed men for makeing sexural advances towards her . She is cold she is evil she is not safe to go near. She luckily is in jail for life.
My point is please don’t judge all men the same, women to can be just as bad.
Good and evil of both sexes are on earth not just one sex.
Women to have been sexural predictors some teachers , some like Mira Hindly .
I think heterosexual men get to much stick these days they are treated wrong .They haven’t even got proper men’s sports now  without some female commintator sticking her ore in .
I’am and always will stand up for the good men of this world and there rights. It’s awful the way they are treated , men need something of there own to feel masculine , sports club smoking whisky room , something , they should not have to share it with women. We have are own private women things so like men have there’s.
Just think before you judge not all men are bad , there are some really nice guys out there.

What’s the difference / there is not one.

I honestly had enough of Black lives matter protests ,if your white and have a option you try to express you get called racist.

So on this blog I want to show you something I have noticed.

Lee Rigby good man who served his country killed by two black man brutally , no protests going on for weeks on end.

George Floyed Criminal drugs and used gun on pregnant girlfriend,killed by police officer , protests go on and on and on causeing more racism makeing people angry and depressed.

Saying white lives matter is racist yet saying black lives matter is not ?? What’s the difference same thing!!

White person says Black person ect ect gets called racist.

Black person says black and it’s not racist??

Black person says white person not racist huh??

Black and Asians get societys and things just for them , white people do not ,

I say I’m not racist and I’m honestly not never have been ,In against violence and hate crimes , People cause hate crimes to me coz I’m autistic .I want equelaty and to be able to express my options without getting abuse of people.

Right now there is no equelaty ,it’s very depressing and with covid and blacklivesmatter bangging on all the time I’ve found my self feeling sad upset , I’m going to get my Bible out and read revaltions because it feels like the end of the world.

The truth is if your white you can’t say anything ,this blog here I try to express my point , but most likely evil nasty people and the youngsters will see it as a target to abuse me and call me nasty things, which is uncalled for! Btw Don’t try it I’m 36 and heard it all before ( yes I know I can’t spell I’m autistic and human which means I’m not perfect!)

What happend to freedom of speech ,there is none coz if you say anything which is your independent option , you get abuse , which is a childish way of dealing with things .

Pigs will fly befour I’m allowed to express my options and the UK will never be how it was .sadly it has been doomed since all illegal immigrants came in .

Freedom of Options

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that people are not entitled to exspress there own opinion on things.

With JK Rowling exspressing her option on transgender which she is entitled to.

Lawrence Fox exspressing his option on black lives matter , and nasty Megan murtel treating prince Harry like a yes man.

I want to say we have freedom and believe to exspressing our own opinions on things , We cannot have one single option or be told what to believe and think.

It is up to us what our options are and what we want to say .

You cannot force people to change there options ,we are free people with free minds.

I believe in only two sexes Male and female , I have nothing against transgender people it’s just what I believe.

It’s awful that Floyed was killed by a officer kneeling on his neck , you should not do that BUT he was a criminal he held a pregnant woman at gun point and sold drugs THAT I’am against. Not the colour of his skin as white people have done these things to .

I’am not racist but I do not like criminals and protests , I also don’t like people trying to take history. Away it’s already happend so it’s our past some bad yes but life is not perfect.

I believe all lives matter all means ALL it is not racist I’am a peaceful gentle person who does not use anger or hate and does not judge , we all have freedom to believe in what we want and to exspress our options , you cannot force people to have options they do not believe in!!